JANET, ALL IN. NOV. 3, 2020

Hi. I’m Janet Kitui.

“Now is the time for us to engage in meaningful system changes. We have to commit to adding affordable housing, sustainable growth and improved racial equity in our city.”

Edina is a growing city.

Our citizens and our City Council negotiate competing interests, including: Racial Equity, Affordable Housing, and Sustainable Growth. Janet is All In to help Edina gracefully negotiate these interests and become a better community where the gains will be greater for everyone.

Racial Equity
Improving racial equity can’t wait. Now is the time for action! Increasing availability of affordable housing and providing high quality education go hand-in-hand to improve racial equity and social justice.

Affordable Housing
There is a growing need for more affordable housing in our city. The City Council can shape housing options by using financial tools and zoning to encourage developers to provide more affordable housing.

Sustainable Growth
We need urgent action to address climate change. The city can incentivize developers to build new homes and other buildings that use renewable energy and other features that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize climate change.

All In For Edina


Janet has a passion for empowering people. She will bring a fresh perspective and energy [plus a graceful voice] to serve the greater good of Edina.

“I’m running for the Edina City Council because I believe in a better Edina, where our city leaders work alongside (all) the people in our community, helping to solve the real problems that working families face each day.”

Support for Janet Kitui

Janet is gaining support from a diverse coalition of local residents and leaders who believe that she is the best candidate to serve the greater good of Edina, and make our city a more equitable and just community for All.

We Support Janet for City Council. We’re All In for a Better Edina!

  • Audrey Kingstrom and Robert Aderhold
  • Pamela Balabuszko-Reay
  • Katherine Bass
  • Sandy Berman
  • Arnie and Barbara Bigbee
  • Debra Blibo
  • Emily Boettge
  • Sue and David Davison
  • Falou Diaby
  • Constance Glaros Fantin
  • Abdi Hirsi
  • Elkanah Kayuko
  • Kim and Ken Kelly
  • Heather Lane
  • Maggie and Rich McCracken
  • Feroza Mehta
  • Mark and Jill Murray
  • Regina Neville
  • Julie Risser
  • Barbara Sadler
  • Lonni Skretner
  • Molly Rice and Andy Slothower
  • Elizabeth Stephen
  • Debra Stewart
  • Cliff Suchy
  • Tara Young

These Community Organizations Support Janet for City Council:

  • MAPE (Minnesota Association of Professional Employees)
  • Our Revolution Twin Cities
  • Minnesota Realtors Association

All In! Together for a Better Edina.



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