Photo courtesy of Barbara LaValleur

I’m Janet Kitui. I’m a mom, a grandmother, a state employee, and a longtime resident of Edina. I chose this community as the place I would raise my family. My three daughters attended Edina Public Schools, and I am so proud to call Edina my home.

Why I’m Running

I’m running for the Edina City Council because I believe in a better Edina, where our city leaders listen to and work alongside (all) the people in our community, helping solve the real problems that working families face every day.

I’m All In for Equity and a Better Edina

Edina is a growing city. Our citizens and the City Council negotiate competing interests such as affordable housing, sustainable growth and racial equity in our city. Now is the time for compassion and cooperation in our community. As Edina becomes more ethnically and culturally diverse, we must all work together to make meaningful system changes that will be fair and equitable for all of our citizens. The broad systemic disparities including educational attainment, substandard healthcare options, and economic barriers endured by our fast-growing population of color have been ignored for too long.

These inequities marginalize our neighbors, hurt families, and jeopardize our economic competitiveness and quality of life for all citizens. I am running to be your City Council member because cultural-diverse representation does matter. It matters because it informs the issues with different viewpoints, which leads to more innovative and enduring solutions for all our citizens.

We’re in the midst of a massive energy transformation. In the next 20 years, more than half of our electrical generation will be ready for replacement. Renewable is now the least expensive form of new energy and provides an opportunity to create thousands of jobs, save money and deliver the clean energy that residents want. As a steward of our natural resources (and a neighbor who values Edina’s beautiful green spaces), I’ll advocate for the use of clean, renewable energy for our homes, businesses and transportation. I’ll also encourage investment in energy efficiency strategies that save money for all residents.

I believe together we can engage diverse ideas to transform Edina into a model city that is inclusive, innovative and equitable. It’s time for Edina to be All In! I would like your vote on November 3. Thank you.

Prepared and paid for by the Campaign Fund for Janet, Edina, MN 55435